Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Monica and Brandy reunite for ‘It All Belongs to Me’ (Video)

The year was 1998. Brandy, then the star of “Moesha,” and Monica were at the top of their games.
The song was “The Boy is Mine,” a back-and-forth duet sung by two women fighting over the same guy, which was accompanied by one of the best music videos of that decade. It won a Grammy.

Fast forward 14 years to “It All Belongs to Me,” the singers’ new team effort that is presumably meant to relaunch their careers. Sadly, it’s a let down.

That isn’t to say the song, which will be released on each of the singers’ upcoming albums, and the companion video aren’t fine. They’re good even.

“It All Belongs to Me” is a female empowerment anthem with silly modern lyrics like, “That Macbook. That [stuff] belongs to me. So log off your Facebook.” Brandy and Monica sound great and both look stunning in the “Thelma and Louise”-esque video, although I do miss the ‘90s fashion. (What happened to chokers?)

But it lacks that something special “The Boy is Mine” had. Maybe these two should try the faux-enemy route again.

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