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The Nigerian music keeps emerging, and with it, a crop of talents who have been able to combine academics well with their passion. Names that readily pop to mind when we discuss this topic are artistes like EldeeTheDon, Sound Sultan, Banky W, Naeto C, Cobhams Asuquo and others. The music industry is a blinding cluster that takes a discerning mind to spot real talents who have been able to do
  well while combining their passion point and academic. Today Akin Alaka and Motunrayo Reis-Alade interviewed a budding lawyer and an eclectic Afro-pop fusion singer, Pamela. Below is the excerpt. Enjoy.

MOTUNRAYO: Okay here we go. I have listened to a leak of your single, Sangalo, comes to mind is the powerful voice, lots of range. It’s packed with lots of energy and verve...who is Ego?

PAMELA: My full names ar Pamela Ego Johnny Abii .......Am the 1st child of my parents. I have three siblings. Graduated from the University of Imo State where I studied Law. And now waiting on Law school coming soon...Now school aside, I am a musician... Spontaneous to different genre of music (laughs) I don't rap.

AKIN: How long have you been doing music professionally and how did you get into music?

PAMELA: Ahhh…about 2 years now…I have been singing professionally for two years. I come from a family where music is loved greatly; I had that music vibe since I was a kid. And it’s been growing ever since. I love music it’s like I breathe music (Laughs). I didn't learn to sing, it’s given, you know God gave me…it is a must developed skill.

MOTUNRAYO: You didn't tell us anything about your background, when and where you were born...

PAMELA: (Smiles warmly at the interviewers) Ok... I’m from Ezinihitte Mbaise in Imo state; the land of hope. I was born in Lagos state and still live in Lagos. I’m in my early twenties. I studied at Imo state University, I studied law. I will be going to Law school in April this year. (Smiles brightly).

AKIN: Abii sounds like a Cross Riverian name...

PAMELA: Am very Imo state


MOTUNRAYO: What kind of musical instrument do you play? Why do you like it?

PAMELA: I play the guitar...still improving on it though. I have one; I love it because I know learning it would help me write faster and better

AKIN: What do you consider your greatest asset as a musician? And what are you doing to hone that skill?

PAMELA: My greatest strength is my vocal ability. I’m easily identifiable, I love creating melodies, and in fact I create melody to every note that comes to my head. I have people I work with...they are very good at directing and showing me where to improve more on...

MOTUNRAYO: Who are your sources of influence and why do you consider them at all?

PAMELA: My greatest source of influence are Celine Dion, Erica Badu, Lauren Hill, our Own Asa; I love these people because they love music and they have a passion for the art that  surround music irrespective of the challenges and the setbacks or the general acceptability or otherwise of their craft. I see me in that platform, as much as I want to deliver good music, to be trendy and lots more, I love the art surrounding music and I have a passion for music.


MOTUNRAYO: So what are your plans for your art and what should your fans expect from you soon?

PAMELA: Aaah...I am creating the ability through my music where we youths, elders and fans can express themselves through whatever profession we chose...And let's all remember anything we love that's positive and contributing to our society is a profession. We shouldn't let the negative tell us differently. We are all wonderful as long as we create positive influence...all of us. My fans should expect good messages, sensational songs and... Sangalo would be out soon and many more...

AKIN: Thank you for your's been wonderful having you

PAMELA: You most welcome!

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