Sunday, October 30, 2011


Former London-based HipHop Duo, Double H's front-man John Hectic drops two hot singles from his forthcoming project. 

John Hectic (#9JABOI), the critically acclaimed London-based rapper/producer embarks on a solo journey with aspirations and the capability to be one of the UK/Naija's elite on the Urban Scene. Having teamed up with the like of Lyrical Meastro; Material Elegbeje in his mind blowing single "Falling" that premiere in Naija last week. The witty thought-provoking wordsmith Cuban born, London raised, Nigerian Mc shows no sign of slowing down.

John Hectic is currently working on two solo mix-tapes; #IMAPROBLEM and #DEALWIVIT. These projects will showcase his versatility and battle-tested punchline. He has been making music officially for a few years, it's evident that he's spent alot of time and effort in mastering his craft as these two singles have proven.

Singles Cover Art

JOHN HECTIC's Singles "APPLE JUICE AND HENNESSEY" and "GOT ME SINGING"(official video included) are due for Official World Premiere soon.


 Here is The official Music Video for rapper/producer John Hectic’s SIngle ” GOT ME SINGING” feat Marqus from his fourth coming Mixtape #DEALWIVIT.


All material for short bio provided by the Artiste

Why We Need To Meet Lummy; The Flambushmaster

Adeshida "Lummy" Oluwapelumi, professionally known as Lummy, is a Nigerian singer, song writer, producer and voice director. As an artiste his most popular hit song "Interrogated" earned him best act of the year "powered music award" (2011), 

He hails from Ondo State. He started performing as a child singer; going through primary school and high school performing at road shows and talent hunt competitions

He formed JBET crew  with a group of like-minded friends and their entrance to the gospel music was epochal. Lummy released he's first solo single "Interrogated"

Lummy cites among his influences R Kelly, Neyo, Micheal J, Faze, 2Baba, Cobhams Asuquo. As an artiste, he's been able to evolve a unique style he called "Flambush Music", a potent blend of Afrobeat and Naija Pop.

With this blazing single Lummy sure shows a sign of an artiste with capacity for growth and a potential to be Nigeria's Next Rated Music Star. 


UGO dropz "Walankolombo" ft Ice Prince

Ugochukwu Nwaokobia OluwaDamilare performs under the mononym UGO. He hails from Delta State. He was a professional guitarist and back up singer for top Nigerian artist like Ego, Djinee, MI and others.

He also worked as Internet Publicist for MI in 2010, before he moved on to work on Waje's management team as her PA(personal assistant). UGO recently put all these aside to focus on his career and he features Ice Prince " on his first official single Walankolombo" Amazing Music personified"


Official  Lyrics

 Verse1: Beautiful that's what you are
 Fine fine lady
 And your eyes shines like the stars
 And your smile lights up my heart
 Ma baby,Ma baby
 Now am asking do u wanna stay
 Or if u wanna play
 Without u girl I will go Insane
 Ma baby,(that's my baby girl)2ce

 Chorus: Be be baby walankolombo yeah 3x
 Don't play with my heart,with my heart

 Verse 2: Shey you know,U're d queen of my heart Obimo
 Shey u know,we'll never ever part
 Where u dey go o baby
 Shey u know,u dey play with my mind,
 I don kolo,My baby girl,my baby girl
 I'm never gonna mess with your heart
 No farting
 Me and you na forever
 No parting
 I go give you wetin I get
 My body
 Fly you every where with my get
 Too Much money
 I got love to give,Pls don't let me go
 That's my baby girl 2ce

 Rap: Ok ma,U're In my soul deep
 And you shoot me far like a goal kick
 I ain't never going back on the old tip
 Onto the next page we could both flip
 You're the buttons on my keyboard
 You're the reason dat I always go hard wen I record
 You're reason why am flying to space
 If loving you is a crime Then I'm buying the case
 See I seen a lotta girls buh they not like u be
 So anything you want amma do like scobby
 Long legs pretty smile gat me on duty
 ur face got me feeling like a kid on kudi
 And yes yes ma u're d best so far
 You don't drink buh we can hang in my Esco bar
 God bless ur stars,Ur moon and ur sunset
 I don't play flutes,Buh I can blow ur trumpet

 Bridge:your love dey make me kolo kolo
 Makes me fell so fly like tolo tolo
 Makes me high like
 Baby walankolombo
 Why do u wanna go o
 Obimo na so mu yori yori
 Sun' so gi kan na chori chori
 Your body dey make me wori wori eh

 Chorus: repeat chorus

 Plays beneath the chorus:I'm never gonna mess with your heart
 No farting
 Me and you na forever
 No parting
 I go give you wetin I get
 My body
 Fly you every where with my get
 Too Much money

 Chorus till fade

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is Luni's Lakuli the Newest Street Anthem?

LUNI (pronounced "loony") is an acronym for "Like you never imagined". It is the name of this twenty-eight year old Lagos-bred, Benin-born Nigerian hip-hop artist.
A distinctive delivery and a flair for witty, deceptively intelligent lyrics and a uniquely exciting delivery make this particular act particularly absorbing.
Beginning as a young teen clumsily mimicking tupac in the privacy of his living room while struggling to recite the lyrics, his love for rap music grew deeper and with that the list of rappers added to his daily menu of hip-hop. This list included hip-hop greats Biggy, Jay-z and Nas.
 He began to pencil down his own songs and developed an acute sense of lyricism. He began recording his own music in 2001. He went on to university and blossomed into a truly prolific rhyme junkie.
He was at this time called "thrill" and earned the first hint at commercial success came in 2004 when a love song he recorded called "Downwitcha" was given by a friend (without his knowledge or permission) to a radio DJ (Kaduna’s Supreme fm's top DJ Umar socials) and was voted no1 on the Supreme FM chart.
The song became an anthem and the then "thrill" performed the track at several shows, alongside some of Nigeria's biggest acts, the largest being M-TEL's nationwide "Music talk".
He later became known as LUNI after graduating, working a 9 to 5 and returning to the game with a deeper mind and sharper delivery. LUNI has begun fast making waves in the music industry due to his undeniable talent even before the release of his first commercial single! Now the shackles are off and one can only wait with breath held in anticipation for music, like you never imagined.

His latest effort is titled "Lakuli" an infective street anthem.


Lakuli Lyrics

VS1: Move like a ninja club banger ginjah/so underground like sai we be ginger?/birthday now we deliver/d cash u possess we came tu deliver/i m going in like wheezy on a joint/so drag ma rhyme slow like easy on a joint/i m takin over rap cassanova/last bustop so get off ma coaster/no tamo, salamo/Oshamo am a faji gan /supa dupa flow n d ladies know/my rap like my wipe game,do it like a pro/ 

VS2: Kuro! If u no b my aburo/Ogede fire! U beta give me dodo/no shandy,million million/d type of money dem a move in a bullion/so all des rappers beta step aside/Luni come b4 u call me a rapper's pride/eyes 4 d chadder dis mney wan dey hide/no dead presidents..executive genocide/street sweeper,call me lawma/streets rockin ma ish, gatan kowa/tu muc chics needin rabah/so f a nice ride I wanna a fly bullalah.

VS3: My rhyme like ma gbola no man alive touchin it/ambition in overdrive so dis mic am clutchin it/ghetto soldier fresh boi na disguise/waka pass cos my goon dem dey diss guys.

Friday, October 21, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE: BLaRKBoY Dropz Single today (21st Oct, 2011)

Allnite Entertainment presents, BLaRKBoY; rapper, entertainer and punch line slugger.  He got his first hit single titled "Black Girls Rock" featuring Terry Tha Rapman rocking the club way back.

Premiering today is the techno-themed song titled "Touch Your Body".  A song made for club hoppers and night out samplers.

 Blarkboy having worked with a lot of artiste like Cartiair, TerryThaRapMan, Bigmaxx, Jpryce, Tunice, Sonic,Mo6, Pepenazzi and alot more, BLaRKBoY seemed to be on his own lane especially with the imminent premiere of "Touch Your Body". This song is produced & mixed by Akonimo8 for A.N.E Territory(Allnite Ent).

To contact via twitter: @BLarKBoY1
To contact A.N.E Territory via twitter: @allnite1

 Allnite Entertainment
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Mo’Cheddah had her birthday yesterday. she unleashed a birthday gift on her fans; an insightful and triumphant song, reflecting on how far she has come from the days she was hustling to be relevant and quite candidly, at 21 she has made some success of her life and this song couldn’t have come at a more significant time in her career. Her position is one that many Feemces envy, having shared the stage with the most successful acts in Naija and beyond.
‘You see my nose; they said it’s big at smelling money
You see my mouth; they said it’s good at chopping money’
Her brand new track “See Me” features Phenom, another Knighthouse artiste. The song sounds like a spin off from her debut album ’Franchise Celebrity‘ with a definite fuji touch and heavy on traditional instrumentation.

If the intention is to drop a danceable track, then she did it grandly. Production is not very clean, lots of distortion in the background. Fuji –flavoured beat on point. Phenom is not very outstanding, lacking in punch line delivery, and those heavy metaphor are apparently not his forte. Candidly, the rap verse has no correlation with the theme of the song and Phenom certainly wasted a huge opportunity to make a statement.
As for Mo’Cheddah, though still young, her stance is remarkably vivacious and nervy, she has an inflective aura and a musical tenacity that ensure every cut of the beat becomes danceable. This might not be a “wow” track but it is certainly going to glue on her fans in no time. And seriously, she provides a tangible alternative to the balladry and opulent musicality of Asa.

Monday, October 17, 2011


A markedly reflective song, euphoric. It sums the artiste’s new found lifestyle, popularity and success. The song has a limitless affinity to Rick Ross’ Aston Martin Music and Nickleback’s Rockstar. It is a song celebrating the fast life that comes with success.

The verses were well layered on the beat and one could perceive the painstaking effort of the producer, as the chorus and verses synched. At 1 minute 52 seconds, Lift off is quite short; this could perhaps be a plus for the song, leaving the listener no choice than to punch repeat. 

Crafty use of rhyme and Nigerian lingo set this man aside as an artiste with a vault of metaphors. His gift of language, poetry and ears for rhyme reflects all through and he’s definitely saying this is not the preserve of Mode 9 or SinzuSMG. The rap verses as well hook are well delivered. The hook singer did a marvelous job and that’s perhaps one of the best hook I have heard lately on a Nigerian song.

I have listened to Material Elegbeje before, this track might just be what he needs to raise his profile and stake a claim to the Naija hip-hop mainstream. And again, “Shout out to Dr. Frabz on this one!”. He equally showed why Dagrin (R.I.P) was such a success. The song is a neat club banger any day.

RATING: 3.5/5

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Chase is Inspired! Set to Launch Album

Cover Art Front

Following the successful release of singles off their debut album  ’Inspired’ Chase is set to release her complete album online on the 1st of November followed by a release party on the 27th to launch the hard copy deluxe version.
Chase is Nigeria’s Foremost female R&B/Pop group with amazing vocal abilities. this three young ladies (Chat, January and Ollah) are set to make an impact in the music industry.

Monday, October 10, 2011


The Smirnoff brand is bringing back The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project, building on the great success of 2010’s global initiative. Like last year, the vodka brand is encouraging its fans to share what makes their nightlife original and vote for the best ideas. These will be implemented on November 12, the big night. This time, 50 countries all around the globe will be involved in the night swap.

These one-of-a-kind nightlife parties, which will include music, drinks, places, tastes and dances, will be hosted at special venues: Just like in 2010, people from one country will contribute ideas for a party to be arranged in another country. Last year, the programme was launched in 14 countries (the USA, Australia, Canada, the GB, Thailand, Brazil, and Germany, to name but a few) in 10 different time zones, engaging 2 million people through Smirnoff Facebook fan pages. This year Smirnoff decided to give an opportunity to say ‘I was there’ to as many as 10 million fans, by extending the cultural exchange project to include 50 countries in total. Some of the countries involved are Australia, Nigeria, Brazil, China, Colombia, Dubai, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, Israel, Serbia, US and Vietnam .

This year, the Smirnoff brand also partnered with Madonna in a search for “the Most Original Nightlife in the Universe”, to find the best dancer to join Madonna’s next tour.

The Nigerian version of the party tagged Smirnoff Midnight Circus will tour Three Cities, starting in Lagos. It will be hosted by the rapper Ikechukwu.  As part of the total fun package, wanna-be emcees will get the chance to prove themselves by laying a verse on the beat downloadable on Smirnoff Facebook page at The performance should be uploaded on youtube and the link put on the Smirnoff Nigeria Facebook page to enter the competition where fabulous prizes are waiting.

Revellers worldwide are invited to co-create and participate in the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project by contributing ideas on what makes their local nightlife distinct in the categories of drinks, dance, fashion, music, places, and more creating a nightlife cocktail of unique events. The most inspiring suggestions from each region will be captured online and exchanged with another country on November 12, when the night swap takes place.

By participating online, fans will have the chance to win a place at one of the global events or experience another country’s party at a Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project event in their own city.

Friday, October 07, 2011


Yole, born Oluwatoyole Adepoju on May 11, 1989, is the first of four boys born to Dr. and Dr. (Mrs) Adepoju. The Nigerian born artist was taken to Sydney, Australia as a toddler and was introduced to orchestral music at a tender age. Yole’s interest in hip-hop started very early in life with his performance as a rapper in his class’ imitation of the ‘Joyful Joyful’ number from Sister Act 2. As he grew older, he began writing numbers for his church's children choir.
Yole’s strength is in rap music metaphors and similes became major ingredients in his style. At thirteen he began attending rap battle competitions in his neighborhood. From this, he began to compete in the battles but was not able to win any.  However, Yole honed his writing skills and although he stopped participating in battles, he never stopped free-styling.
At sixteen, Yole gained admission into Covenant University to study Petroleum engineering. By then he had been writing songs and had participated in numerous ciphers. With the help of producer Nasty (now Nastizzle) he recorded his first track titled ‘Black-White-Black’.
He and his family later moved to England, and the exposure was limitless. It was the rebirth of Yole. With help and encouragement from friends in the music industry, such as Silly beats, he was able to breathe life into a still-born career.
The road has since been clear cut for the 22 year old who has since worked with Tintin, Silly Beats, Sencosonic, Contradiction, Oyinkansola, MsChief and many more.
With his momentum in music, Yole is fast becoming a force to reckon with among artists both home and abroad.

Acknowledgement: Bio wordings as provided by "Yole"

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Ice Prince - ”Everybody Loves IcePrince (ELI)” was released earlier today.  The art cover would have had Andy Warhol go green with envy. The playful ambiance suffused with light hearted colours and hearts definitely will get the chicks loving Ice Prince all the more.  The 17 tracker ish had some of the industry's finest doing stint with Ice Prince. Check for the listing below

1.Remember (Intro) Produced By Jude Abaga
2.Juju Produced By Jesse Abaga
3.Superstar Produced By Jesse Abaga
4.Magician Ft Yung L & J-Milla Produced By Jesse Abaga
5.Baby Produced By Jesse Abaga
6.Olofofo Ft Wizkid Produced By Jude Abaga
7.See Myself Produced By Jesse Abaga
8.Wassup Wassup Ft Tuface Produced By Jesse Abaga
9.Oleku Ft Brymo Produced By Jesse Abaga
10.Find You Produced By Jesse Abaga
11.By This Time Ft Wizboy Produced By Wizboyy
12.Somebody Lied Produced By E Kelly
13.Small Small Ft Sean Tero Produced By Jesse Abaga
!4.That Ni**a Ft Morell Produced By Jesse Abaga
15.End Of Story Ft Samklef Produced By Samklef
16.Raindrops (It’s all good) Produced By Jesse Abaga
17.Thank You Ft CHOCBOIZ Produced By Chopstix & Jude Abaga
Executive Producers:
Audu Maikori, Paul Okeugo, Yahaya Maikori,
Co Executive Producers:Jude Abaga, Jesse Abaga
All Songs Written By Panshak “Ice Prince” Zamani except parts written by featured artists.
A & R / Management: Doosuur Tilley Gyado, Bishmang Nanle
Official Team ELI: Bishmang Nanle, Terver “Trump” Malu, Doosuur Tilley Gyado, Amaka Okwuonu, Kunle Peter Thomas, Mavrik Films, Sola Oladebo, Ibiyemi Bello, Bukola Izeogu, Seyi Sanusi, Sam Lolo, Ebere thomas, Oyiboka George, Katung Aduwak
Photography: Augustine Victor Udoh, Art Direction & Cover Design: Ogbonnaya “Big Meech” Chukwudi
Mixed & Mastered By: Jude Abaga & Abuchi “Don Boos Boos” Ugwu

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Random Axe, Freeway, Homeboy Sandman Headline HipHopDX's A3C Showcase

On Thursday October 6, the place to be in Atlanta is The Masquerade, with Sean Price, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Bronze Nazareth, Kosha Dillz, JYoung The General, HipHopDX and many others.
On the heels of releasing their self-titled super-group debut, Random Axe (Sean Price, Black Milk and Guilty Simpson) will perform in Atlanta, Georgia on October 6, at HipHopDX's A3C Showcase. The Duck Down Music trio will be joined by veteran Philadelphia, Pennsylvania emcee Freeway and Queens, New York's Homeboy Sandman. The event takes place at The Masquerade venue. With over 200 artists, five stages and three days, 2011's A3C Festival is a pillar of live Hip Hop this year.
  The beardest rapper from Philtown, Freeway released a collaborative EP with Statik Selektah this year, Statik-Free, while Homeboy Sandman recently announced signing to Stones Throw Records for his next album.
Also performing is Wisemen member and Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Bronze Nazareth, DXnext alum Gods'Illa, and hometown duo, Ultrabeast.
The winners of the A3C x HipHopDX "Pick 3" contest will also be invited to perform, including New Jersey emcee Kosha Dillz, Michigan's JYoung The General and North Carolina's Joe Scudda.

The flyer is below:

Saturday, October 01, 2011


Raunchy without the rough edge… Not without its share of coarse words. What it lacked in content, Mr Olu Maintain’s new track “NAWTi” made up for in style and vocal delivery. It’s definitely a track you’ll probably want to play over and over again. It is not a party song- my 10 kobo- but it is a song for the hotel lobby, if you are into that fetish.  The brand new track might as well re-establish and bring about the buzz around the “Yahoooze” crooner.  NAWTi - Natural African Woman Totally Inspiring-is cool and mood setting, especially for a night of erotic revolution.
I wouldn’t pass the lyrical content for average, it was below par but Mr. Olu’s vocalization showed a strong element of dexterity and the auto tunes can’t take that away. The producer should have taken down the volume on the beat, it clearly overshadowed the vocalization.
Except for the thrilling production, the art cover was very misleading and as ‘Natural African Woman Totally Inspiring” , it should have been more African; the model with blond hair on the art cover was a great disservice to what the song was intended to project. This might be another gimmick from Mr. Olu, but on its merit, it is a song worth listening to over and over.