Saturday, October 01, 2011


Raunchy without the rough edge… Not without its share of coarse words. What it lacked in content, Mr Olu Maintain’s new track “NAWTi” made up for in style and vocal delivery. It’s definitely a track you’ll probably want to play over and over again. It is not a party song- my 10 kobo- but it is a song for the hotel lobby, if you are into that fetish.  The brand new track might as well re-establish and bring about the buzz around the “Yahoooze” crooner.  NAWTi - Natural African Woman Totally Inspiring-is cool and mood setting, especially for a night of erotic revolution.
I wouldn’t pass the lyrical content for average, it was below par but Mr. Olu’s vocalization showed a strong element of dexterity and the auto tunes can’t take that away. The producer should have taken down the volume on the beat, it clearly overshadowed the vocalization.
Except for the thrilling production, the art cover was very misleading and as ‘Natural African Woman Totally Inspiring” , it should have been more African; the model with blond hair on the art cover was a great disservice to what the song was intended to project. This might be another gimmick from Mr. Olu, but on its merit, it is a song worth listening to over and over.
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