Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Mo’Cheddah had her birthday yesterday. she unleashed a birthday gift on her fans; an insightful and triumphant song, reflecting on how far she has come from the days she was hustling to be relevant and quite candidly, at 21 she has made some success of her life and this song couldn’t have come at a more significant time in her career. Her position is one that many Feemces envy, having shared the stage with the most successful acts in Naija and beyond.
‘You see my nose; they said it’s big at smelling money
You see my mouth; they said it’s good at chopping money’
Her brand new track “See Me” features Phenom, another Knighthouse artiste. The song sounds like a spin off from her debut album ’Franchise Celebrity‘ with a definite fuji touch and heavy on traditional instrumentation.

If the intention is to drop a danceable track, then she did it grandly. Production is not very clean, lots of distortion in the background. Fuji –flavoured beat on point. Phenom is not very outstanding, lacking in punch line delivery, and those heavy metaphor are apparently not his forte. Candidly, the rap verse has no correlation with the theme of the song and Phenom certainly wasted a huge opportunity to make a statement.
As for Mo’Cheddah, though still young, her stance is remarkably vivacious and nervy, she has an inflective aura and a musical tenacity that ensure every cut of the beat becomes danceable. This might not be a “wow” track but it is certainly going to glue on her fans in no time. And seriously, she provides a tangible alternative to the balladry and opulent musicality of Asa.

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