Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is Luni's Lakuli the Newest Street Anthem?

LUNI (pronounced "loony") is an acronym for "Like you never imagined". It is the name of this twenty-eight year old Lagos-bred, Benin-born Nigerian hip-hop artist.
A distinctive delivery and a flair for witty, deceptively intelligent lyrics and a uniquely exciting delivery make this particular act particularly absorbing.
Beginning as a young teen clumsily mimicking tupac in the privacy of his living room while struggling to recite the lyrics, his love for rap music grew deeper and with that the list of rappers added to his daily menu of hip-hop. This list included hip-hop greats Biggy, Jay-z and Nas.
 He began to pencil down his own songs and developed an acute sense of lyricism. He began recording his own music in 2001. He went on to university and blossomed into a truly prolific rhyme junkie.
He was at this time called "thrill" and earned the first hint at commercial success came in 2004 when a love song he recorded called "Downwitcha" was given by a friend (without his knowledge or permission) to a radio DJ (Kaduna’s Supreme fm's top DJ Umar socials) and was voted no1 on the Supreme FM chart.
The song became an anthem and the then "thrill" performed the track at several shows, alongside some of Nigeria's biggest acts, the largest being M-TEL's nationwide "Music talk".
He later became known as LUNI after graduating, working a 9 to 5 and returning to the game with a deeper mind and sharper delivery. LUNI has begun fast making waves in the music industry due to his undeniable talent even before the release of his first commercial single! Now the shackles are off and one can only wait with breath held in anticipation for music, like you never imagined.

His latest effort is titled "Lakuli" an infective street anthem.


Lakuli Lyrics

VS1: Move like a ninja club banger ginjah/so underground like sai we be ginger?/birthday now we deliver/d cash u possess we came tu deliver/i m going in like wheezy on a joint/so drag ma rhyme slow like easy on a joint/i m takin over rap cassanova/last bustop so get off ma coaster/no tamo, salamo/Oshamo am a faji gan /supa dupa flow n d ladies know/my rap like my wipe game,do it like a pro/ 

VS2: Kuro! If u no b my aburo/Ogede fire! U beta give me dodo/no shandy,million million/d type of money dem a move in a bullion/so all des rappers beta step aside/Luni come b4 u fall..so call me a rapper's pride/eyes 4 d chadder dis mney wan dey hide/no dead presidents..executive genocide/street sweeper,call me lawma/streets rockin ma ish, gatan kowa/tu muc chics needin rabah/so f a nice ride I wanna a fly bullalah.

VS3: My rhyme like ma gbola no man alive touchin it/ambition in overdrive so dis mic am clutchin it/ghetto soldier fresh boi na disguise/waka pass cos my goon dem dey diss guys.

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