Monday, June 25, 2012


H&M NIGERIA PRESENTS MUSIC HAS GONE CORPORATE: The first Nigerian Play and Stop mix-album to premier new music from USA, UK and Nigeria World Wide. MUSIC HAS GONE CORPORATE is a musical album from the ITPS MIX-TAPE Series from H&M Nigeria.

The Music Has Gone Corporate album features song from international recording artiste, Tomi Jones and Gucci Mane from the US, Owen Wonder from Britain, and our very own Nigerian Artiste with inspiring Songs, we have representing Nigerian on the MHGC Album: EL EMCEE, Maytronomy, BaseOne, Tega, TFO, Staged, Guke, Yung Sus, Crazy Face, Phazehop, K-Kay, Robot Ziggy, b-zee and special appearances from olori tosin supergal, 2pm and Harrison Akadidi on an interview skit on the album talking about “effect of social media in music”

MUSIC HAS GONE CORPORATE is not just about the music, it’s about the attitude, the appearance, the style, the uniqueness of an artiste and most importantly the management structure.
This album is an introduction of a movement in Nigeria and the rest of the world to educate the younger generation on the idea of “Music Has Gone Corporate” and to build on the developing corporate structure in the music industry Nigeria.

MUSIC HAS GONE CORPORATE (the album) is a free distributed material, to be shared in clubs within the country and participating countries (US and UK) and of course special events by H&M Nigeria.
For details on how to get a FREE copy of the album visit: you can also listen to the album on same site.

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