Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have been reading about how 85% of  internet gangstas hate drake. I do not like drake's music but that doesn't mean I hate on him. Hiphop is about choice, if you do not like his music just move on and listen to your favorite rapper. Drake has never claimed to be a druglord or gangsta; of course he grew up in an afluent neighbourhood in TO- big deal. He just makes his music and the people that like it like it. I can't really understand this beef.

Common is 20years in this game and Drake is not even 5years in yet. Its either Common is bitter cause Drake messed around with Serena or hate(for no reason) or maybe he is just trying to sell records. Common is NOT in the position to call another rapper soft and sweet. He is one of the corniest rappers I've ever known and I am no new school head. I am 29 and have been following hip-hop all my life. All lot of hip hop heads know this, but would rather live in denial 'cos of their hatred for this kid.

Common had his time so he should let drake do his. He is making himself look like an ass. Wayne called himself the best rapper alive but you don't see Nas, Rakim and the other legends coming at him. Drake calling himself "the best ever" are just rhymes to me. Common need to sit his ass down cause he is corny too. Look at the Erykah badu shit and some corny videos and movies he made in the past.

Common's been in the game for long and has had battkle with N.W.A, Ice Cube...who told y'all he won the duel with Ice Cube anyways?
If you still hating on Drake after all said, then you must be hating cos he didnt grow up in shitty ghetto...or probably cos he's notn your average American boy.
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