Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Introducing fast-rising singing sensation SOLID STAR with his amazing new single - the dance infused future hit titled “Skibo”. Brilliantly produced by Slim Beats, “Skibo” is a head-bopping bass heavy which sees Solid Star in sublime fashion as he rides the fast-paced musical milieu superbly with an infectious flow, sweet vocals and some catchy and witty wordplay.

Lyrically, “Skibo” is a sweet and infectious dance tune with memorable libretto which sees Solid Star professing his love for the “fine fine ladies” that will “take you to the line” and “break your waistline” as he asks his fine lady to “take it easy on me”. Musically, “Skibo” is a monster production laced with a careful combination of contagious drum patterns and rhythmic synth arrangements that come together beautifully to create this huge dance floor filler that is poised to take over the clubs in the coming months.

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