Saturday, May 19, 2012


Introducing rising Nigerian Soul singer and songwriter Bemyoda with his sublime debut single titled “Shima Yam”. The Soulful opus - whose title means “My Heart” or “My Love” in TIV - is backed by lush acoustic guitars, deft bongo drum patterns, minimalist violin arrangements, soft backing harmonies and complementing hand claps which all make for a very memorable and enjoyable 4-minute listening experience plus his velvety voice is a listener's delight any day.

Written over a year ago during a jam session with producer Sleekamo and R&B Singer/GuitaristSammy and later reproduced by Laitan Dada, “Shima Yam” is a beautiful love song about taking a relationship slowly and being with that special someone for the long haul... Built around clever lyricism and warm and alluring vocals, “Shima Yam” is a perfectly crafted piece of music from Soul newcomerBemyoda as he shows off an excellent blend of Soul, Blues and Folk music elements that is well beyond his years to create something really special with “Shima Yam”.

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