Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Caldo Crew presents Nenlap Golar. Nenlap “AceKid” Golar was born in Jos, brought up in Abuja (Nigeria) in the 90’s. The Jos born rapper, singer/songwriter, dancer and sound aficionado is a student of International Business Management at Brunel University, Uxbridge, London.  He juggles his time between London and Abuja, Nigeria. Acekid is a percussionist, pianist, rapper, and he likes creating sounds on his newly acquired SFX 2009 soundmaker and writes songs in-between. AceKid respects the works of Kahli Abdul, Kidconnect, SauceKid , Chris Brown, and 2Face

“Acekid ft. Ezzyswag-SWITCH” The Review

Switch is a cover of Chris Brown’s ballad Don’t Judge Me.  AceKid takes the mid-tempo ballad from its r’n’b root to a fusion of rap and lilting hooks. The Messengers produced track, rather than be an apologetic anthem for indiscretions, Acekid turns it to a rededication number, where he pledges his unyielding love for all the loves in his life. Ace is particularly exceptional in the 2nd verse; his verse on the sensuous romp of the drums easily betrayed him as a lad to watch out for.  Ezzyswag is definitely surplus to the trackAcekid is definitely one of the brilliant new comers to the games, while not formulaic with his flow, this young gun is ready to explore and stick out his neck. His ability to write witty lines and deliver faultless vocal brings the perfect synergy reminisce of Drake

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