Friday, September 16, 2011

Kokoro Ife (Love Bug)- G-Fresh (Single Review)

Kokoro Ife is a definitive baby making song, from the very first chord, you get the impression that this is a song to be played over and over again, with messages delivered over many layers.  The message is about filling the void of loneliness; it brings back memories with an emotive mood.   Kokoro Ife is a fresh joint from G-Fresh, real name Gabriel Afolayan , a multi talented dude;actor ,dancer, choreographer, multi- instrumentalists and voice artiste.
  “I need to write a special song, something different, not deeply influenced…I mean too Americanized’’ That was how he put the inspiration for the song, the effort has been a very good one, he has been able to marry a Naija flavoured lyrics to American styled R’n’B; a detour judging with the lyrics reminiscing of moonlight love stories. A groovy ballad, sung over violin revv and heavy base line.  Kokoro Ife is partly escapist and part nostalgic. 
Now Master Craft must get a big-up for the production, Kokoro Ife has heavy base lines sustained with hollow drums and intermittent clash cymbals which set the tempo, and the mix of piano,cello and violin whining and revving combined well with a strong vocal presence.
 Sonically, this song sampled a whole range of cascading strings, percussion with a heavy bassline and this could be a plus except that the domineering baseline ambience gives an overpowering impression of traditional drumming influences. I have listened to G-Fresh on that number by Brotherhood “Kini Number” and I must say, he keeps evolving and his style is curvy, flexible, and he brings a lot of voice clarity and dynamism to bear on that track and with this, he showed that he is ready for the big stage.
  No trite song writing here, the voice dynamic did justice to the effort invested in song writing, and to think he did not feature an established act to pull this off, this an effort commendable.
 Overall, I G-Fresh can de-emphasize the voice, he has a strong voice no-doubt, the violin rev could be more prominent, extended and blended with percussion, strings blips and nips and groove will add an atmosphere of a million musical instruments clashing in one of the most emotive song of the year. G-Fresh continues to expand his range, evolve and shows no sign of slowing down, as a musician; I think he is going to be around for long.

 RATING: 4.25/5

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